Towards an open, secure and rules-based maritime order in Asia.

Water is the dominant geographic feature in Asia, covering nearly 60 percent of its area. From the South China Sea to the Malacca Strait, and from the Sea of Japan to the Gulf of Thailand, the maritime realm is central to the economic, political and security affairs of the region. Asia Maritime Index is a project of Tokyo International University’s Maritime Security Lab and funded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) / 日本学術振興会.


In-depth, policy-driven research on maritime security issues in Asia.

The Status Of Maritime Militia In The South China Sea Under International Law Perspective
Novena Clementine Manullang, Chloryne Trie Isana Dewi, and Achmad Gusman Siswandi, Padjadjaran University, for JH Ius Quia Iustum

In order to assert its geopolitical claims in the South China Sea region, China has used an unusual method, namely the use of its fishing industry as…

Time to Slow Cook China’s South China Sea Frog?
Brent Sadler for The Heritage Foundation

The lack of U.S. strategic attention and sustained naval presence has opened a maritime governance vacancy that the Chinese Communist Party and its…

How the U.S. Can Support the U.K.’s Return to the Indo-Pacific Region
Ted Bromund for The Heritage Foundation

SUMMARY The United Kingdom withdrew from major commitments East of Suez in 1968, but since 2019, Brexit Britain has returned to the Indo-Pacific…

Advancing the Philippines-U.S. Alliance for Conflict Resolution in the South China Sea: Policy Options From an Issues Approach
Edcel John A. Ibarra Foreign Affairs Research Specialist, FSI - Philippines, for Pacific Forum

This paper argues that pursuing cooperation around shared legal norms and ideas to advance maritime security in the South China Sea will be a more…

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