Navigating maritime security in the Bay of Bengal

Author: Troy Lee-Brown, UWA, for East Asia Forum

The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the strategic partnership between ASEAN and India, but there are new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. Southeast Asian states should strengthen their regional maritime security by cooperating with the Bay of Bengal Initiative for…

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Can minilateralism in the South China Sea finally generate progress?

Author: Maria Alynna Corinne M. Carlos, University of the Philippines, for East Asia Forum

The South China Sea (SCS) is highly prized for its economic and strategic value. Competing claims over the maritime area have slowed multilateral cooperation among states and disputes have been counter-productive to resolving security concerns in the region. Beyond territorial borders, terrorism,…

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China’s efforts to reel in overfishing

Hongzhou Zhang, RSIS and Genevieve Donnellon-May, University of Oxford

Global fish stocks are facing a crisis, with nearly all classified as either fully exploited, overexploited or significantly depleted. China is the largest contributor to this problem as a world leader in both fishery exports and imports. It is simultaneously responsible for 15 per cent of the…

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Quad maritime security initiative holds promise for the Indo-Pacific’s southern flank

Jeffrey McGee and Anthony Bergin, for The Strategist

At the recent Quad leaders’ summit in Tokyo, Australia, India, Japan and the US launched the Indo-Pacific Partnership for Maritime Domain Awareness, an initiative aimed at strengthening maritime security in the region. Apart from one very useful explainer and David Brewster’s excellent recent…

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New satellite-based technologies a game changer for Indo-Pacific maritime security

David Brewster, for The Strategist

A revolution is now happening in maritime domain awareness that will have a profound impact on maritime security in the Indo-Pacific. The Quad’s Indo-Pacific Partnership for Maritime Domain Awareness, announced at the leaders’ summit in Tokyo in May, will combine new satellite-based technologies…

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South Korea ventures into its Indo-Pacific strategy

Seungjoo Lee, Chung-Ang University, for East Asia Forum

Strategic competition between the United States and China has dramatically revealed the vulnerabilities of the ideological and institutional foundations of globalisation. The Biden administration is actively promoting the ‘reshoring’ of production to contain China and alleviate supply chain…

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NATO recognises global power shift to the Indo-Pacific

Graeme Dobell, for The Strategist

The central balance of international power this century will be set in the Indo-Pacific. So ends a 500-year stretch of history when the central balance was made in Europe and decided by the West. The United States played the decisive role in the last century as an Atlantic power; this century it’ll…

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By accident or design—or designed accident? China’s unsafe air intercepts

Thomas Wilkins, for The Strategist

On 26 May a J-16 fighter aircraft from the Peoples Liberational Army Air Force conducted an ‘unsafe’ interception of an Australian P-8A Poseidon routine surveillance flight above international waters. The Chinese fighter pulled alongside releasing flares, then cut in front of the Royal Australian…

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Australia and Japan should lead the way in maritime law enforcement training

Anthony Bergin and Lee Goddard, for The Strategist

During the recent visit by Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles to Japan, the nations vowed to strengthen the interoperability of their armed forces amid shared concerns over Chinese assertiveness. The minister’s visit came shortly after the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, where Japanese…

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