(English version) Agreement between Malaysia and Indonesia on the Delimitation of the Continental Shelves between the two Countries on 27 October 1969

Country: Indonesia, Malaysia

Sea: South China Sea

Scope: Bilateral

Document Language: English

  • Summary

This legal document contains the English version of the Agreement between the Government of Malaysia and the Government of Indonesia on the delimitation of the continental shelves between the two countries signed on 27 October 1969. The boundary agreed shall delimit the continental shelves of the two countries in the Straits of Malacca and in the South China Sea. The boundary constitutes straight lines connecting points whose coordinates are specified in the document. Chart A, B, and C show the coordinates of points of the boundary in the Strait of Malacca, in the western side – off the east coast of West Malaysia, and in the eastern side – off the coast of Sarawak, respectively.

This Agreement facilitates the exploitation of geological petroleum or natural gas structures extending across the straight lines between Indonesia and  Malaysia. Notably, Article 2 clarifies that “This Agreement shall not in any way affect any future agreement which may be entered into between the two Governments relating to the delimitation of the territorial sea boundaries between the two countries.” Nonetheless, the agreement on the boundary of the territorial seas between the two countries took place half a year later in Kuala Lumpur.