Will diplomacy bring restraint back to the South China Sea?

Author: Collin Koh, NTU, for East Asia Forum

Attention shifted away from the South China Sea (SCS) in 2022 as the world confronted the Ukraine War and the Taiwan Strait crisis in February and August. Fears that a Ukraine-inspired conflict would erupt in the Taiwan Strait have not eventuated. Domestic economic and political concerns, such as…

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Time for a ‘Radford–Collins’ agreement for the Quad?

Ben Stevens, for ASPI The Strategist

After a false start 15 years ago, the annual Malabar naval exercise has become a key strategic development for the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue partners, the United States, India, Japan and Australia.

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The tough security outlook for the Indo-Pacific

Graeme Dobell, for ASPI The Strategist

Here’s the ‘darkening’ security outlook for the Indo-Pacific for 2023.

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Finally at the table, not on the menu: Canada launches its Indo-Pacific strategy

Author: Stephen Nagy, for Pacific Forum

On Nov. 27 Canada released a long-delayed Indo-Pacific Strategy. The strategy has five interconnected strategic objectives: Promote peace, resilience, and security Expand trade, investment, and supply chain resilience Invest in and connect people Build a sustainable and green future Canada as an…

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What the debate on Vietnam’s geostrategic orientation misses

Lan D. Ngo, for ASPI The Strategist

Should Vietnam continue building its maritime forces or should it pivot landward to best ensure its security? Few would dispute that this is a critical question that merits close scrutiny. As an emergent middle power, Vietnam simply doesn’t have sufficient resources to simultaneously pursue a…

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Strategic divergence threatens Australia-ASEAN relations

Author: Abdul Rahman Yaacob, ANU, for East Asia Forum

Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles said in a July 2022 speech that Australia needed to ‘attune itself to the concerns of the Indo-Pacific region’. That includes Southeast Asia.

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Vietnam’s maritime imperative

Nguyen The Phuong, for ASPI The Strategist

The recent debate on The Strategist about whether Vietnam should have a maritime or continental geostrategic orientation has reinvigorated the long-term and historical interaction between the two strategic cultures. It also shows that it’s not easy for a relatively small power such as Vietnam to…

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What Indo-Pacific countries should do about Taiwan

Author: Huynh Tam Sang, for Pacific Forum

In retaliating against US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s August trip to Taiwan, the People’s Republic of China deployed military maneuvers to encircle the island and, for the first time in nearly 26 years, conduct missile launches into Taiwan’s coastal waters. Beijing’s recent military exercises,…

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Why a maritime focus is vital for Vietnam’s security

Euan Graham and Bich T. Tran, for The Strategist

Geography influences the strategic choices of all countries, but Vietnam is an interesting case of a ‘swing’ state in comparative grand-strategy terms. The country occupies the eastern part of the Indochinese Peninsula, with an elongated coastline of 3,260 kilometres facing the South China Sea.…

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