Trouble on the Rocks: US Policy in East China Sea and South China Sea Disputes

Benjamin Tracy, for Pacific Forum

This research project aims to understand why US policy is inconsistent in defending treaty allies’ territory.

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A Legal Alliance for Maritime Security in the South China Sea: A Pathway for Stronger U.S. and Vietnam Ties

Pham Ngoc Minh Trang Lecturer, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, for Pacific Forum

This paper argues that pursuing cooperation around shared legal norms and ideas to advance maritime security in the South China Sea will be a more proactive approach to deepening the U.S.-Vietnam partnership

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European Contributions to Indo-Pacific Maritime Order

David Scott, for Pacific Forum

This paper looks at European contributions to the Indo-Pacific maritime order.

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The United States’ Indo–Pacific Strategy and a Revisionist China: Partnering with Small and Middle Powers in the Pacific Islands Region

Patrick Dupont, for Pacific Forum

The advent of the Biden administration brings with it an opportunity for the United States to take a fresh look at the Pacific Islands Region (PIR) in the face of new geopolitical realities.

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